I was up fairly early this morning ready for a phone interview with BBC Radio Newcastle’s breakfast show about red hair.

The first call though was from my brother Basil to tell me our father had been taken into hospital. Ma had used their panic button when he came downstairs to declare he was very ill. Basil has gone to Crawley. It seems unlikely it was caused by a diabetic event, but the doctors do not know what did cause it. It may be just panic. He is being kept in because lots of issues have been found. Basil will hold the fort for a few days.

BBC Newcastle sent me an e-mail yesterday morning but `I did not pick it up until the evening so no ‘fixing what I’m about’ until the producer rang just before the interview. I had to be out of the house by 9.20 to get to the dentist so it was all a bit squeezed. I talked just a little about the science of red hair. They framed it as though I had rung in, which I can understand, but it was still a little strange.

If you click the above link you can listen again for a week (today is the 26 March). Richard of the Redhead festival (who put them on to me) was on at about 8.20 (a bit less than two hours) and I was on at about 9.15 (after 2,45 hours, after the travel news).

The dentist had one look and declared it healed. I am not happy but did not argue. I cannot believe that there is not some decay issue that caused the infection.

In the afternoon I moved a computer for a neighbour, did some IT teaching and more debt counselling.