I should be on BBC Radio Newcastle being interviewed about red hair tomorrow, Friday 26th March, at one or more times between 08.20 aND 09.30.

This is because I am a featured artist at the Great Bristish Redhead Festival.

I signed on today, and made a phone call about the issues I had mentioned in previous blogs. The young lad at the job centre went away and gave me an answer, the woman at the 0835 number, which is the only way of asking questions about ones dole claim, was as much use as a woman having to shout a limited number of possible answers from a script, in a call centre were you can hear other people shouting, can be.

Later I had a long meeting with Sam in Titus Salts. He is in Witness for the Prosecution at the Bradford Alhambra.

The next show, after the red head one, will now probably be, thanks to Les’ suggestion A Knight with St. George.

Once I was left on my own I got talking to a really nice young couple drinking a bottle of wine and going to see Alice in Wonderland at the museum. Maliki was the blokes name. The lass was a good looking red head in denial, wearing a mix of blond and dark dyes. If I have helped her raise her scarlet standard high, as I sung at her, then the day will have been more than blessed.