The important news from the last few days is about my father’s health. Ma called a doctor to she him because he had crippling swell in the leg that he has been dragging for years, and which both me and mother have talked about to his doctor, while he is claiming nothing is wrong.

The diagnosis is that he has bad arthritis. In the short term it just confirms the obvious that he is housebound; and because I was ill Basil has codified the existing agreement that if I cannot go to the parents in an emergency then he does.

For myself I am recovered. I had my first coffee for a week and my first beer for more than that. I had another lunchtime meeting in the Acropolis, and had a small breakfast, and ended up at Turls Bar for a couple of pints, with coffees in between. It was nice.

I have registered to work the local and national elections, and came home to discover a letter confirming payment on my loss guarantee for Walburgas.