It is with immense relief that I can claim that my alimentary canal is at least doing a job now.

Strangely I feel more exhausted in some ways than when I was sleeping 20 hours in the day (Friday or Saturday). I suppose you can only notice you are tired when you are awake.

In the afternoon I did something I have not done for years, listened to Radio 4 in bed. Earlier I had been surfing about radio shows, and discovered there was not a single reference to the revelation that the ‘contestants’ on Radio 4’s 20 Questions were told the answers beforehand. It may not be true, but all the evidence suggests it; especially the fact that the panel almost never got it wrong; with Anona Winn being especially annoying at ‘just knowing it’.

The thing is that whether it is true or not, the fact all the web articles make no mention of it is a nasty process of rewriting history. All Eden Garden golden age of broadcasting, with all trace of suggested fakery and poison wiped away.

Poached a chicken leg and chopped leeks in apple juice for my tea, served with noodles cooked in the stock. Biggest meal for 6 days and mush enjoyed.