This would have been an almost perfect day, if it was not for the discovery of an enormous abscess below the tooth of trouble from a year ago, the one my ‘dentist’ had at. It is not yet painful but is larger than any I have suffered since my pus packed youth (that happy time when I had asthma, diabetes barely controlled, uncountable infections, and a granny in the same house who offered to beat the asthma out of my with a poker, which she had thoughtfully put under the bedclothes; and those are only the happy memories!).

Did a fair bit of work. Called a fair few folk. My phone package gives me free week-end landline calls. Trouble is I generally forget to call people until it is too late to call. Managed to do a lot today, the only shame being I may have got a few more at my show if I had done it last weekend; but fair do’s; lat weekend was a little full of other matters.

I tell you what, this weekend has been a proper break from, what feels like, proper work. The only thing missing, apart from healthy teeth, is that I managed no gardening on a fair Sunday.

A few bits of catch up on last week:

I have discovered a clutch of unused addressed envelopes, obviously done for Walburgas, though she is my patron saint of late greetings cards that seems fitting. `They will be filled and posted soon, but 2nd class on account of things being tight until I get the loss guarantee cheque, and I have not yet sent the application in.

I introduced myself to Colin Firth on Tuesday last but butting in and saying Hi Colin, I’m the bloke who got Channel $ to release the film. He said: Well done! Unbidden he then said I hope it will be listed as one of my best films, or even by best, in my obituaries. He said I could quote him, and quote him as saying I want the DVD of a ‘A month in the Country’ released.Colin Firth. Sorry to bold things up, but he said it, and I want google to notice it. 

Not only was Colin there (the day after winning a BAFTA), but also Pat O’Connor (director) & Kenith Trodd (producer) (who all spoke to the audience after the screening), Howard Blake (composer) and Kenneth MacMillan (cameraman). They were all sat at the next table to me. I talked to them all apart from Kenneth. They all want the DVD re-released; and they now know how keen the rest of them are for it to happen. That will make a massive difference. 

I told Colin Firth that Ken Branagh rated A Month in the Country as one of his best. Colin was both touched and pleased to hear that.

A lady I talked to said I wish Colin Firth would sit on my face!. It did not strike me until much later that that was an odd thing to wish for, for a female. It did prompt me to ask her if she read VIZ when she was younger; she did and we took turns in doing our favourite bits, though one of us did more than the other: lucky for her we did not get on to the Simpsons, Even without me doing the whole of Who needs the Quick-E-Mart I did not have time to eat my rhubarb pudding (a Pavlova, I was told today).

I do not live in a very clean house, but the sight of a black thing scuttling behind the laptop, as I was pretending to check for mis-spellings, gave me a turn. Turned out to be a lead I had unplugged. A cockroach or deathwatch beetle would have added pain to the abscess, but anything less would probably have provoked curiosity. Radio 2’s Russell Davies helps.

Tried the Frence lemon chicken again. Same problem with blood at the leg joint, but much better than last time; and had cava with it (first drink since Walburgas).