Today I had a chat with Colin Firth, star of A Month in the Country, a film he told me he wants listed as one of his best on his obituary (and I would, as a very rigorous historian not even add so far. He will astonish with all the new he does, but A Month in the Country is set as a diamond for everyone I have talked to that was involved in it. I started listing them, but cut it. I wept a little watching the film, and a very little reading the J.L.Carr novel on the train to London, and the pub. I got credit as the man who got the film on DVD; and I sold £20’s worth after emptying my pockets of all my, and the the Carr, books I had: but I just want this diamond of a film; a brilliant resetting of a jewel of a book, to be seen.

Paragraph breath. Lucy and Adam. Charlie and Soff: Rowley. Harry Burton. The staff at Le cafe Anglais.

In less than 46 hours from me posting this you will be able to hear me in the flesh, wittering about it, if you turn up to my Walburgas show and pay to get in.