The big news is that I have provisionally set the next Little Britton Show for late July. I also finished the Walburgas card painting; and the poem; copied the poem out with a dip pen (which was finger blackening but satisfying work); scanned both; and laid out the card. It all looks well

Everything would be relatively good; but for my ancient printer giving my a nightmare, which has left my plans asunder and my fingers even blacker.

I am due on a trip on National Express tomorrow. I printed the ticket a couple of days ago. Tonight I tried to print a test Walburgas. It started ok, but the black ran out before the bottom of the page. I then went and checked the ticket The top looks ok, which is all I checked, but looking at the bottom, the ink ran out before it printed the driver instruction. It may still be acceptable to the driver, but if not I am knacked; because when I tried to print a new one it was worse, when I tried refilling the black cartridge I seemingly knackered the colour cartridge as well, so the option of getting up early to get a new black cartridge has doubled in price, and I may have knacked the printer totally (which was on it’s last legs anyway).

I am going to bed, will rise early, and have a think then.

On a brighter note I met friends last night including Tina Watkin, who had a copy of the American book containing her Sammy the Snail poem. It is illustrated by Karen Harvill, and is really cute, but ( cannot find a book title or reference on-line.

I also sorted out lots more about the Walburgas show at the Delius Centre (25th Feb.) with Sam Collier, the production coordinator. It is shaping well.