I now have a symbolic and workable idea for the Walburgas Card and have done a colour wash for a background (though I probably will not use it). The only problem is none of the symbolism is referred to in the poem as it now stands, and I have already done a rewrite from yesterday.

Went out to get advice about picture hanging for the Walburgas exhibition, and some canvas to paint a banner on. Got the former from the impressions gallery, but drew a blank with material. Bradford is useless for cloth shops, and everything else. One market stall that had nothing like what I wanted. I bought a curtain or table cloth in a charity shop but if I cannot bleach it lighter (and I am trying) I don not think it will do.

A Month in the Country film
Called Tamar about the A Month in the Country screening. She knows Harry Burton and reckons he is the man most likely to know who to talk toi about getting Channel 4 to re-release the DVD (I still do not have a copy, despite getting it released in the first place).

The showing is very posh, and is linked to a knife and folk supper at a place called Le Cafe Anglais in Bayswater; the whole thing a commemoration of both Natatasha Richardson and the writer Simon Gray. I would post details but I have not found any on the web yet.