An emotionally mixed few days. I have felt like I am walking around a pit bull depression, but I have kept out of teeth’s reach.

I have just finished the first draft of this year’s Walburgas poem, which is at bottom. It was very hard to start, but got the first few lines yesterday on the buses to, from, and between the Cricketers, the Boltmakers, Fannys, the Castle and the Vaults. It is the first time I have made reference to St Walbuga being an Anglo-Saxon.

The Angled Saxons came, the carried

Carried casts, and kind and care

First sharp projected with fear and loathing

With divided rules, and finds, and ware

Swift  fight, and might, and war’s affair

Yet protracted loves came to those that tarried

Tarried midst mists, and minds and air

Through the worst was hope a clothing

Till united love so kind declare

So may sight of light show your blessed share.

I got an e-mail from an actor/director called Harry Burton asking about the A Month in the Country DVD, for a possible screening in memory of Natasha Richardson (the female lead). I assumed he was just starting to plan to wrote quite a long answer, with links. It turns out almost everything is already sorted, and that it will include dinner is a posh restaurant, will also be in memorium for the writer Simon Grey; and I have now been invited.

As I said to Harry, I have taken a Carr sabbatical after what Wakefield Council did to me last year, but I am now ready to try and start a UK campaign to have the film re-released.