On the plus side. After 6 hours I managed to submit my tax return (one hour filling in the form, and four in trying to get on the nightmare of a site, though the telephone help desk is the best I have had to use).

On the debit. My opinion about the Arts Council is a lot lower than it was. I rang up, then mailed, weeks before Christmas to ask if I could to talk to someone about whether the Arts Council could help with the Little Britton show. It took forever for a reply to arrive. When it did it asked me to write a proposal, including costs, for the correct person. I spent a long time writing it; and the first line said I wanted help with a single show.

The certain person called me today (late) and asked me how my proposal would help my development as an artist!? Not a question I was expecting. From the start he obviously was not going to give me money, but could not say so. After I had spent an age floundering because I could not guess what he wanted; he told me the Arts Council …never, or hardly ever, give finding for one off shows.

I had asked for funding for a one off show in the first line of the proposal. If I had been told that at the start I could have kept my own time for my own use, or spent time seeing if I could get a tour out of the Britton (he said I was to come back when the project was …developed to the point when you are looking at planning a tour. If I could plan a fecking tour I would not need to be the asking the Arts Council for help and advice; I genuinely wanted advice before asking for money; but I was asked to provide costs, so costed a high status show.

I will do a show, David Wright is up for it. It will almost certainly be in Clerkenwell, probably at the Horseshoe.