Betsey Dumplog’s eyes misted as she looked down at the young face of her charge.

What’s to go Master Pap? You looks all of a dither!

Mister Drunkfingers’ has found his way to the keyboard Betsey! What can we do?

Don’t you worry bout old Fatends. the worst he can do is a big brown blog; and if it blocks the bend, well there’s work there for those’s who’ll ave it.

Wonderful Christmas. Ma stuffed the duck, but I did almost everything else; including educating her about why her The Doctor said he should only have one drink! is even more annoying than my Dad’s The Welsh have been the citizens of two empires.

I managed to keep ma out of then kitchen whilst I cooked. It was like bejing a chef.I sung, then swore better than I have for years.

Fingers are missing then target now. Did the walk to Campbell’s Lake. Stopped at the Charcoal Burner to leave cad, and discover all my money was in the other trousers, and the rip off caSH MACHINE AT THE POST Office was not working.

I just had fresh air to sustain me until I got back, apart from an old bloke with an olden alstatian (yes that is splet wrong, but what do you expect on this time of a Christmas day?)

Oh, and there were two girls with another dog, who made him come back and say hello, because I was saying what a nice dog to Mark of Intrpid Videoss on my mobile.