Happy Christmas. If you check back later I may have managed to put my card on this blog, but I am not promising.

One of my more intelligent readers (Hi Basil) contacted me to point out that queen bumble bees not only have stings, but have much worse ones than normal bumble bess, on account of having to fight off cuckoo bees and worse.

If only I had known that yesterday, it would not have made the slightest difference. One thing I forgot to mention was that I twice tried to nudge the queen into a hole, and both times she ended up hanging hooked on just one leg to my finger.

Did another liquid heavy shop this morning, then cut dad’s hair. Gave up on trying to get to Brighton to try and find the Russian plain chant and to drink beer, and drunk beer in Crawley instead.

Went to the library, mostly in the hope of seeing Debbie, and giving her a Christmas card, but got there 10 minutes after closing for the holidays. Saw bossman Mandy outside, who had not only got my e-card but replied. I was walking with her, me towards Wetherspoons and her to the station and Christmas, when someone called my name. Proved to be James Pegg, who I had not seen since 79! Decent bloke and lovely to see him.

I then had alcohol and conversations in 3 pubs, oh, and bought slippers for mum to give to dad (he will loudly claim that he does not need them, or want them, and he has one foot in the grave, so why does he need new things. It was ever thus.),

Did a really good prawn, corn and brocelli curry as well.