If I use Three Bridges Station tomorrow it will make it the fifth day in seven, which makes it the closest I have been to a commutor for a very long time.

This trip was to meet up with friend John for a drink and to talk about a possible Curry & Kipling, and old mate Gideon.

Before I set off I had to get dad’s Daily Mail (I hide it under my coat on the way back incase anyone sees me with it, as I cannot be bothered buying a porn mag to hide it in) but also book an appointment for ma at the doctors.

Met John at the Duke of Chandos (a Sam Smiths pub) then went looking for a cd of Russian plain chant. It’s John’s old manor, and he still knows people around Charing Cross Road/Shaftsbury Avenue/Oxford Street. I got a cd of Russian vespers at Harold Moores Records but not the one I wanted. It was a good walk, with us both having history to relate, with John’s being more detailed and up to date.

We went in two pubs, one was next to Moores and the other I think called the Blue Posts, whose landlord was a friend of John’s.

Then back to the Chandos to meet Gideon. Me and John ordered food, at which point I discovered I had not brought my insulin. If I had had it I would have spent a couple more hours chatting to Gideon, but not more as I had to get back to take ma to the appointment in the evening.

A good day, full of learning.

The walk back from Three Bridges was the slippiest so far. Lots of the paths were clear after some melting, but the roads and some of the paths had turned in polished old ice or new black ice.

Ma was feeling better than this morning, and the trip to the doc’s was the first night out since the Crawley, Carr and Kipling Show. She got drops, and two new tablets. We came back via the Coop, so a grand night out; but if I had not been home there is would have been a far too high a chance of her breaking bones. There appears not to have been a single grit or grain of salt put down on any road, let alone pavement. She could have asked for a home visit, but that is as likely as me asking Tony Blair how I could help him get richer.