Late this evening I discovered it is the 70th anniversary of the start of the Winter War. The was was between the invading USSR and Finland. My mother’s family lived just a few miles from the border and she was lucky to escape alive. She reckoned she say a Red Army soldier at the end of the field when she locked the door of the famhouse.
Today was cold but dry. Yesterday was cold, wet and dark; and a truly glum day.

Did a post about the Odeon on illey-more, and a few things on the Odeon sites.

Walked to Morrisons in town. It is often cheaper than Lidl, although obviously much further away. It can also have some real bargains on a Monday.

I did some more wood weaving on the pylon for the Christmas card. I am going to try and finish it tomorrow.

After that I found myself giving advice about breach of promise cases, though I had to admit I do not know if such a thing exists, to someone who thought she was going to be getting married. The story only needed a vicar and a man without his trousers to have been a Brian Rix farce. I also gave advice about employing builders to her friend. All this while their various children are playing hide-and-seek or eating marshmallows. I think I was being chatted up at the same time as well.