I have been to a Clean our Odeon event today (anyone saying Anyrhing better than a ‘Clean my house’ day can fleck off and read other people’s blog.

The only protest movements that change anything are one ones with loads of babes involved P.J. O’ROURKE.

There are a lot of right babes involved and active with the Save Our Odeon movement. And none of the blokes are uglier than me!

One of the babes told me that my site had been driving loads of hit to the link above! I am genuinely surprised and delighted by that. For the last few years I have reckoned I could spot a stranger to any of my sites and blogs, by the vast percentage increase in a hit; but either all my locals have been going to view the Odeon, or I am not spotting the number coming into my shop.

I cleaned the word ‘HELP’ on to the dirt of the white tiles by the north tower. Dave Pendleton took a photo, which may appear on a facebook, somewhere.

The next event should be a mulled wine and mince pie out of packets, with poetry and music, on the 12th Dec.

We all went to the Love Apple afterwards. I helped make the next event happened.

I then went to the Whethersppons. Then The Thirsty Scholar, formally the Delius’. It has been cleaned! The people in charge are full of humour. They have 3 real ales, and the mild was spot on. Talked to a Liverpool fan who was supprting Aston Villa in a game on telly. I did take a little piss, especially as he was less Scouse than I am!

Then went to the Westleigh. Beer was good. Nobody wanted to kick my head in, at least not obviously.

I made some naan thin rye, or rather half rye and wheat, bread yesterday. Which is turning out to be a marvel. Very good hot from the oven. Not good when cold, but splitting the crust and bread with a knife, and toasting, makes the best crispbread I have ever had, and the second best crispbread I have ever had with the other half.