The Yorkshire Steam with Mark Neale, at Saltaire Bookshop went very well, but it was an eccentric do. It was a bigger audience than the Midland Lines show we did a few weeks ago, but still small. The shop provided a screen and projector, or rather borrowed them for me to use, and with those on a desk and a stool, and the sofas, it was like giving a talk in a small parlour. If even 6 more had shown up they could not have fitted! They would have had to stand outside.

Nearly all of the pictures, and most of the talk, was Mark’s. I created the slideshow, read half a dozen rail linked poems, and talked some. Mark mostly did trains and local railway history; I did general history and acted as straight man.

I did not sell anything, or get anything apart from good experience, but that was plenty. I urge you to click the link and buy from the shop, or rather visit to buy. There are too few bookshops left.

I have been a little unwell the last two days. An over active alimentary end, but no accidents, temperature or chundering; and not much pain. I have been overdosing on bed medicine and had my first nightmare for years. I was back as a youngster in Crawley getting wound up trying to finish something before dinner (a traditional stress point for us). The radio started playing really loudly, sure to drive my dad to even more anger than usual. I could not turn the radio off, so took it apart, then took all the batteries out. I then woke up to find the radio alarm was on.

I have spent the waking part of today watching old tv clips on youtube. I found just one clip of Poogles Wood. I watched it as a 7 year old but I am sure it was not as scary as this clip. Maybe I blanked out the terror! It has baby napping, impersonating a police office, doors being booted in, countless threats of violence, and a character being vapourised! It finishes with the drinking of a barrel of bilberry wine.

Trumpton on the other hand had less going on than happens outside my front door on most days.

The original Addams Family on the other hand showed me why women with black, straight hair and good cheeks have always affected me. Carolyn Jones. uuuuuuuummmmmmmm.