Right then. As, most likely, a reminder to me sen of what I meant to talk on today )That’s now yesterdaY).

Started a 1/32 scale model of a pylon with sycamore branches . I have photos (Fugi cameras are shit, or rather they are a bit below average, but their finePixViewer is on of the worst pieces of legit software I have tried to use for a very long time.).

Went to Fanny’s in Saltaire to, mostly, plug the next show (Saltaire Bookshop Thursday 26th. Cannot do links, apart from, maybe, to my home page. Had a fascinating conversation with a bloke just a little younger than me, about being on duty at Buckingham Palace as a member of the Duke of Wellington’s in 83. His view of London is still scarred by the experience.

Then went to look for the Bradford Irish Club, formally the IDL Club to check it for a venue. Missed it in passing and had a good pint in Haighy’s. I would post a link, because it is a good pub, but I am guessing mister fingers would not cope with what mistress mind was asking.

Then found the Irish Club. Best pint of the night (Naylor’s Pinnacle) and a spot on room size. Trouble is it is booked for every Thursday (and Walburgsa is a Thurs. next year) by the Tropic Folk Club. I think I will do a Walburgas’ eve show there.

The man in charge, John, was labeling rolls when I walked in, after politely declining the lass under an umbrella looking for business. It was for the rush of the Catholic Players, who are doing 42nd Street at the Bradford Alhambra. I bought a mucky dripping. Ate half and brought theb other half home as a protection against the temptation of donar.

There were a lot of good looking Catholics, or actors who’ll say owt. I am thinking most of my Council Tax rebate will go on a ticket, but not on Thursday, when I am doing a show. Have I said that?

The walk home was the ancient of ways. Wigan Street, down the concave steps, round the back of the carpark where I used to deliberately throw up on the name written on my sham professors car parking bay. The only difference being I did not have a donar, or go the ‘short’ way through the nettles.