I saw my first full rainbows for a very long time yesterday. It was on an Ilkley train, between Shipley and Guiseley and really dramatic. The train climbs and goes round a very wide curve, so I saw it on both sides of the train. After Guiseley there was a mix of heavy rain and dramatic cloudscapes across the valley of the Wharfe,

I Went to Ilkley to chase venues for Walburgas Day (25th Feb.) but felt utterly relaxed, which is unusual for me.

For a mix of reasons I would prefer not to do the show in the Riverside or the Midland, or rather: I would prefer a different kind of venue; which probably means a hire charge, and I still have npt settled on whether to do it in Bradford, Ilkley or elsewhere.

I cannot hire a hall without a loss guarantee or sponsorship. For any chance of a loss guarantee it has to be in the Bradford area, the more deprived the more likelihood of getting it, though there may be none to get, and I am getting known in rich Ilkley.

I got greeted as Our poet laureate in the Midland Hotel! I like the Midland.

Went to the lark-Foley Centre and the main non-conformist church, where I met 3 really nice women I know, one of whom had some really useful advice about small scale funding.

I then went to the Bah Tat, and bumped into Frazer. We had a useful chat about the next Hat Throwing Championship, and the sense of linking it to the Ilkley Summer Festival.

I had a mere 3 and 1/2 pints in the whole day, and enjoyed the day more for it.