A really lovely day, so lovely it was not marred by the two not good things.

The first being the discovery that I have no cashpoint card when I got to a cashpoint (but do have my credit card, which is puzzling. I phoned to check usage, and it has not been used by anyone else).

The second thing was that I was supposed to be visiting another friend in Bath this trip, at their suggestion, but with them giving no date or address. I was sent a txt at 17.10 asking if I could get to Bath tonight. The answer would have been no, even if I had not seen the message until 23.00. Very badly done.

Did the Severn Beach walk again in the morning. Got the wonderful but decrepit single line railway to Bristol. Left my bag at Hugh’s, and set off to check some of the 18 pubs Richard had listed and marked on a map for me.

First was the Micawber, which was not on the list. It had a wonderful cat sat in the window, being stroked by a good looking young lass, infront of 3 handpumps. The cat was a stroke junkie, the pub dog needed only 3 scatches and a pat to roll on its back, the flirting couple at the bar had over 150 years and less than 15 teeth between them (and after he had described having his private parts washed by the home help a voice from the other end of the bar said Good job no one’s eating!.

After that I went to Zero Degrees and talked to the decent barman. After that I discovered no cashpoint card and walked back to Hugh’s.

In the evening had a really lovely dinner with the families, talk, tales, discussion and fun. If I had struggled to get to Bath at no notice for utterly unknown ends, with no money, it would have been worse, even at best.