Depending on how I tell the story this was either a day of pottering, or a day of doing right good jobs.

Mixed concrete and cut chicken wire to size, so Hugh could block a rat hole in his cellar, and later relay a slab on top of the wall to the tree house (which gives some idea of the size of the house and garden, or perhaps grounds). I then helped him move the patio table to its winter quarters in the ‘shed’ (which is big enough to have a ping-pong table and a vine on the top of the stairs to the roof.

Later I cooked a proper Bratfort curry for the family and a family of visitors, the father of whom was Steve and I met at Hugh and Isobel’s wedding in 92 (I know the date because they use a hand painted, wedding gift, dinner service with the year on the bottom). More remarkable is that his wife said she had heard a lot about me. Something I found very flattering.

The curry and the onion and courgettte side salad turned out exceptionally well. Steve had a plate full despite having had a full on mather’s roast dinner, including sproats, just a few hours before.

In the evening I watched Emma on the BBC with the ones who were not play Grand Theft Auto..