Forgot the best story from yesterday. A school on West Bowling is offering a art words commission for a room they are calling a ‘room for contemplation’. On my way to look at it I popped into a corner shop, Polish I think, for batteries for my camera and a can of diet pop.

When I opened the door a young, black and white cat ran across the front of me and round the corner of a chiller cabinet. I followed it to get the pop (Vimto!) and made cat noises. After a little while the cat came out, sniffed my hand, and settled down for a damned good scratching from me.

When I got up the cat went back below the cabinet, but as I am paying I feel a weight on my new coat. The cat is hanging off the back of it trying to eat a toggle!

Today me and Dave Pendleton did an interview the City Heroes show for the About Bradford – Friday Presented by John Gill, on BCB. It went out live, dave only gave me an hour’s notice, and I had to rush from giving a blood sample at the doctors. So obviously no warning on here and it does not appear to be available on listen again, which is a shame, as it was a good interview.

Took one corn cob from the maize that has grown in my garden. Very few seeds with starch in, and even those not over full, pleasant enough when boiled in potato, leek and carrot soup.

I doubt there will be any blogs for a while.