A really relaxing day, but before I try and remember what I did I have to record some of the things Martin said about my site and blog last night.

I read it at work during my lunchtime and sometimes I am nearly peeing myself when I read it.

It’s a great site. It’s simple and does what it says on the tin.

When you die you will probably be recognised as a great British eccentric.

This morning I got a call from Daragh Corcoran of Radio Leeds to fix up a feature he is going to record about the UK Hat Throwing Championship. This will be at White Wells, Wednesday 7th October 2009, and will be a chance to practise your hat throwing. Please come along if you can.

I also got a mail from John Grosse about a possible Curry & Kipling gig in Surrey.
Then went to Keighley. Had a nice pint and a good chat with Roger in the Cricketers. Then bought pork pie, ox-tail and tripe at the market. Dropped a poster off at Reids Bookshop and went to the Boltmakers, where I only had 3 pints and a bit of a chat. I also learnt why my facebook page had vanished from a man in the pub, who was a thousand times more useful that shiteface’s so called help page.

The birch trees are just on the turn to gold, and today was warm and sunny, I feel the need to see them without a train or bus window in between.

Popped into Fanny’s Ale House on the way home and had a long chat with Marcus.