A really nice night at Rafters (I would have made a link to its beerintheevening page, but the site has gone proper shite now. I do not accept the pop-ups they have had for years, so now they have new pages opening instead, to milk advertising cash out of the work me, my brother, and thousands of others have done in the free reviewing of all the boozers.

Anyway, I left an offer of a free pint behind, because I had had just enough. Yes I bleeding well did! I walked out on free beer.

I was there because I got a call from Martin, who I met at the Polish Parish Club, which I wrote about here this time last year, because I did a Curry and Kipling there. There were a lot of other people there that I knew a little when I saw them, and better by the time I left.

Yesterday I also got a surprise mail from a bloke who came to my London Walburgas Launch 4 years ago! He asked to buy a Little Red Head Book!

I have only sold 4 tickets for the Curry & Kipling Show on the 8th Oct. (if anyone did not notice that that was a plug, that was a plug), but I am not worrying. Including the Bradford Cathedral show: City Heroes – Finding Robert Torrance I have 4 different shows and one, potentially, big event, in the next 6 weeks, and I am not worried? My hope is that this relaxation will result in all the shows being more enjoyable; and not just for me either.