I intended going back to Ilkley yesterday to catch Saturday shoppers with the pie, but I was just too tires, and not Still tired and emotional either. I decided to leave it until today. I did a little work, and some washing, and had a nice day.

PayPal button for the next Kipling Night is finally up on my bradwan site, and also available from Ilkley Pets, Leeds Road.

Realised this morning that it was still a cretinous part replacement bus service to Ilkley, with a journey time of 90, as opposed to 28, minutes. So stayed home. Only trip out was to do a heavy shop.

I have done some very good cooking this weekend. Yesterday I fried mashed, defrosted, frozen peas with onion, garlic and chilli. Added shredded white cabbage, beetroot vinegar, spices, sugar and peanut butter. Let it cook down, and added tripe pieces, cooked pasta and spinach. It was lovely, and the soup from it made an even better lunch today.

Tonight I cut cheap chicken legs, some to store some to cook. I took the bone out of the thighs, dried them and fried them with onion, garlic, mushrooms, seseme seeds, seasoning, basil and a little lemon juice, adding spinach near the end. I served it with rice cooked in the chicken water. Even better than yesterday.