I have just noticed there is a blog missing from Monday. It is missing on both my blogs so obviously was not posted.

Briefly, to put the below blog in context. I wrote a report for the Ilkley Gazette and called two of the audience to get quotes. Both really enjoyed it, but one gave a long critique. Mostly fair, and I did not get defensive, so the self therapy by doing shows must be working.

Me and Joe got a lift to Ilkley Station but nobody could take us to Bradford I had to finish bang on 9.20 to get the last replacement bus; so the criticism about not having a broad enough range of Priestley’s work is hardly fair. As I said, if I had not have to rush off I could have answered questions and at least talked about the ‘missing’ things.

Priestley Night Report

A celebration of J.B.Priestley birthday, and a pie that defied Hitler, has been hailed a great success by the organizer. The event was organized by poet and showman Glyn Watkins, at the Riverside Hotel, in Ilkley, last Sunday, 13th September. He said afterwards:

“It was a lovely audience, and a lot of that was down to the article in the Gazette about me and my foot wide pie.”

Glyn’s one man show was based on a collection of readings from books and plays by Priestley, and included a wartime broadcast about a Bradford pie shop, called Roberts, that always had a giant, steaming meat and potato pie in the window, a pie that survived an air raid to steam again. As part of the celebration the audience tucked into meat and potato pie and peas.

Roy Long, who had travelled from Halifax with a party, said:

“We really enjoyed it. It was a good night out, and we really enjoyed the pie as well.”

Glyn’s next Ilkley show will be a National Poetry Day event called Curry & Kipling, also be at the Riverside, on 8th Oct. Details on his website http://www.bradwan.co.uk.