There is a thread on ilkley-more about a group demanding a bridge across the River Wharfe like certain men in Germany used to demand space for living. I suggested an event during the Uncut Fringe at the site, with a possible reading of The Tay Bridge Disater by William McGonagall. A little later I added the below, the comment is from the thread.

Bradwan wrote:

When folk talk of a bridge o’er the silvery Wharfe,
I say to myself: ‘Surely they’re having a laugh!’
For the poor tax payer will not thank,
To see an enormous box stretch from bank to bank.
For when the silver Wharf has not too much depths,
We can see a wonderful line of grand stoney steps.
Made into a footpath by working folk’s habit.
So they could return to their homes as quick as a rabbit.
So come good people of Wharfedale, why not set your hearts in the year of 2009
To fixing up the steps, so they can be used for a very long time.

Glyn Watkins

This is a wonderful poem. A worthy tribute to the great McG.