Yesterday I relaxed with cleaning and ironing, and went to the Library to photocopy this <a href="http://www.ilkleygazette.co.uk/news/news_local/4570182.Ilkley_to_get__utterly_unofficial__festival_fringe/"Press praise Pie and brushes up Uncut Fringe story. I cannot scan it though, so the link eill have to do.

Went to Ilkley again. Got the seeds of an idea for an event starting with tea at the Methodist’s, a walk to White Wells for hat throwing on Ilkley Moor, then maybe down to the Bar Yat for a duck dinner. A million, Jummy Saville like, points to anyone who can say what this would celebrate (and you have to have all 3 parts for the full points_. Answers here, sort of.

The guard on the train to Ilkley knew of me because he had read the letter Eddie had written to the Craven Herald praising the last Curry & Kipling show I did in Skipton, and it turns out Eddie drives trains.

Talked to a lot of nice people, including many good looking women. Did now business, but I remain hopeful.

Yesterday the gnocchi worked very well, despite the potatoes starting cold and soggy. The link shows an Italian adding flour by the handful, including for rolling out. Makes all the difference.

I felt well this morning, after 4 days dry. Have two straight days to do in Ilkley. I had beer in Ilkley today, doubt I will keep off the beer.

I was in the Midland in Ilkley with the pie on the tray. I was quized about Priestley by the bar’s king of the quiz night, and was then called Simon, for obvious reasons. I replied with I said, I did, I said!. The bloke next to me said: You’ve got broad shoulders!,/i> One of the nicest compliments I have heard.