In the UK if you claim Benefit/welfare for six months you have to have a ‘restart interview’ which is designed to send you on a badly run course provided by an parasitic organization, which claims to be providing help and training, but whose sole aim is to make money with the least amount of effort; and seeing providing misery is a lot cheaper than providing training, that’s what you will get on a restart. If you refuse to go though, or fail to see out the stretch, you benefit will be stopped.

I had my 3 month, are you really looking for work? Prove it! Half way to restart interview.

The bloke interviewing me was probably the first person, apart from me, who has looked at one of the fortnightly accounts, and the Jobsearch diary I submit. He was not very happy with me claiming as a self employed person, but he was not nasty, and cannot change the ruling. It will be much harsher in November though, three months hence.

Rest of the day was very relaxed. Called in at Joe’s office, had the thickest salad sandwich I have ever had from The Munchen House and it cost less than a small packet of tomatoes.

I then strolled to the Cathedral for a look at the lighting rig; then Don’s Danish Pantry for a splendid pork pie; and Poundland for crisps and Wagon Wheels.

It was the first fine day for probably a week. From what I saw from trains, and all the straw wagons passing through Ilkley almost as slowly as caravans, the harvest was in before the rains; so while it has been miserable, it has meant less vandalism and stopped trains. It is near the end of the long school holiday, when enough children start looking for things to mark or break for it to cause real problems, unless it is raining.

Anyway, today was fine enough to do a laundry and peg it out. I did not start until mid afternoon but a fresh wind dried everything lovely.

I had boiled what I could save of the slug damaged potatoes yesterday. Today I grated them to make gnocchi with (though that wont happen until tomorrow); made a leek, bacon, onion, garlic and tomato sauce; part cooked some very cheap sausages in the oven; used the resulting fat (with rosemary and garlic) to roast the potato skins; and finished the sausages with some of the sauce. Wonderful!

Also cooked a new iPie.