The big news from the last few days is that united agents have slashed the price of my license for the J.B.Priestley Night in response to my begging letter, and allowed me two for the price of two for one; so if if I look like selling out the first night of the show (and I can now set the tickets at less than capacity to give more room for the show) I can do a second show in the following few days.

I have also started selling tickets, and Ilkley Pets have agreed to sell tickets for me. So far I have sold 9, but I have time. I have had to change the PayPal button, partly so I do not over sell, and to change it to a fixed fee per ticket for handling.

I felt really ill a couple of days ago, hopefully pre show stress disorder getting in early. If I was a rich Victorian woman it would have been described as the vapours; for a bloke probably nervous exhaustion.

Went to Ilkley and Keighley yesterday, partly to calling on the Beaumont’s to give Jenny a birthday card I did on the bus that looked like a ration book (rationing was the theme of her birthday tea party).