Spent a good deal of the day letter writing and form filling. I still need to do more maths to see if I should apply for a loss guarantee, but the Ilkley Gazette asked for if they could publish details of the Priestley Night and for more information about the Ilkley Festival Uncut Fringe. As a result I have decided to risk losing money, and do the Priestley show.

I recorded an ACT now radio show with Joe Ogden in the afternoon. It was good. It is on next Tuesday 25th August, and you can listen live using the button to the right of the page the last link goes to.

I also got a lovely call, out of the blue, from old friend Jenny.

On an unhappy note my HP 3180 will not scan, and I reloaded the software a few days ago. It prints, but not having a scanner will make some things very difficult.

I also discovered my Lantus insulin disposable pen has been leaking from the cartridge when I inject. So for a few days I have been under injecting. The next few days could be interesting.