Back at almost the last possible day not to make things economically complicated for me. If I had come back one or two days ago my life as a single man with no ballast may have been less complicated, but doing duty has made genuine improvements to my parents lives, and probably mine, and saved them from making Richard Branston 25 quid a month richer.

In the morning did big shop, doctors, and chemist. Ma now knows, because I told her, that if she goes out with the shopping trolley I have told her not to use, at least 3 social loci will tell me next time I am down, and tell her off for using it.

Lovely chicken dinner by ma.

I left with a sense of achievement.

G=Journey back a total commute; apart from leaping through the door of the train from Leeds after a run to prove my heart still works well enough.

Spent an evening at the Old Vic. A rich mix of fuel and fertile compost.