An unusual, jobs round the house and shopping, day. The most interesting thing happened whilst I was sat eating kebab meat and salad (£2.50) outside John St Market. A wasp landed on a sliver of meat, tasted it, and started eating! Wasps are carnivores, but I have never heard of one eating a kebab before.

It looked like she was cutting a chunk out, like a leafcutter ant, and I thought she was going to take it home. She did cut a lump out, I guess at least 5 square millimetres, but let it drop, started again, let that drop, stretched her jaws a few times, and flew off.

She will be dead soon anyway (all but queen wasps do by winter) but I do wonder if the rest of her life will be better for having discovered the taste of a kebab. Will it be a heavenly memory of divine manna, will the protein mean she catches loads more prey so the queen, or queens feed better and have a better chance next year?

Of course, there is always the possibility she will get violently ill and does not live the day out, but I hope not.

I have promised to do a few little jobs for people, and spent some of the day looking for bits in the house, and discovered loads of treasures, including a Sid the Sexist Book of Sexism, a 2 litre bottle of Liebfraumilch given as a gift, maybe 7 years ago, an unopened bottle of Laphroig, and a hacksaw I lost years ago. Unfortunately I did not find the carpet tacks I had in my hand 3 days ago so had to go and buy some more.

Got a pack of uncooked pork rinds from Morrisons for just 35p. There were 4 4×6 inch pieces and I cooked just two. Best crackling I have made yet. Scored them with a craft knife, rubbed salt in, dried them with a hairdryer (an other find), and poured melted left over sausage fat over them. I also did a good soup with stuff I found in the fridge, a really good salad, and had a bottle of Minervois wine, prompted by telling my story of sleeping beneath the walls of Carcassonne one December night, to fellow customers at Don’s Danish Pantry.

BTW. I did not eat the sliver of meat the wasp had been chewing.